• Butterfly in the Studio!
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    Emily Humphrey
Butterfly in the Studio!
Had a little visitor the other day & took the opportunity to take
a few snaps. Also had a bit of an unwelcome visitor this morning when
I walked into the office...a massive Pigeon was sat on top of my laptop,
he scared the be-jesus out of me & me him as he started flapping
around the studio. With the weather being so hot the window was
quite wide open & he'd flown in & luckily found his way 
out as soon
as I startled him. Didn't fancy my chances trying to 
catch him.
I move to my new house & bigger studio next weekend,
so goodbye to my little Harrogate studio where things
all started & hello Sheffield & a view 
over the Botanical
& maybe a few more butterflies!
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    Emily Humphrey